April 20, 2014

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Project Tracking Systems and Programs

There are project tracking systems and programs available today to help keep your project manager informed about all the data in their latest business venture. These programs are generally part of a larger set of software called the project management program.

To help the project manager stay knowledgeable about the actions and task being completed in their business venture, the project tracking programs can be used to create a project dashboard. This is a simple one screen display that is generally set up in graphical form. The two most common forms are the Pie and Gantt charts. Both of these are used since they can easily be read at a glance by the project manager.

The types of information that the project tracking programs can follow will be the personal choices of the project manager since this type of system is customizable. Some of the more common include the percentage of task completed in the business venture and how the progression is moving as compared to what was planned in the schedule.

The use of color on the display of the project tracking system is another common occurrence.  By using red when the schedule is falling behind, the project manager will be instantly aware there is a problem. With this information and the use of the mouse, they can click on the graph and be lead to a page with greater detail about what is occurring. This way an adjustment in resources and the project plan can be made to help bring the business venture back on schedule.

The main use of the modern digital project tracking systems is to help keep the project manager aware of the exact statues of their ongoing business venture. This will make it possible for the project to stay on its course to be concluded with a deliverable on time in most instances. While not every obstacle can be avoided, most of them are preventable if the project manager knows what is occurring and when.

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