April 24, 2014

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Manufacturing Resource Planning

The manufacturing resource planning is just one of the many plans that must be created to properly execute a business venture.  This is the area of the project plan where the material, manpower and equipment will be listed. It is also the place where just how they will be utilized in the creation of the deliverable.

When creating a manufacturing resource planning document, a project management template can be used. It helps the project manager in creating a document that has already shown to have a proven path to working successfully. This will make it possible for this plan’s imnplementatio0n of have the highest level of success.

The manufacturing resource planning document will have to contain many things. One of the more important areas is the backup resources. While it is preferable that a project plan be executed as written, there are always variables that occur in its execution. By having a set plan in place so action can be taken when a variable is noticed is prefer to react to the situation. A good example of this is having a back up supplier of a raw material that is critical to the creation of the deliverable. By the project manager already having done research into possible suppliers of the raw material, if a shipment is delayed or becomes unavailable, then the backup supplier can be notified. This instant action will reduce the time of obtaining the raw material and can prevent the shutdown of the manufacturing line.

The reason for having a manufacturing resource planning document is to help prevent delays in the construction of the deliverable. Not only back up suppliers of raw materials should be listed but also alternative process just in case of equipment failure or operators miss their work schedule.

The manufacturing resource planning document is a very useful project management tool to have available in the execution phase of a project’s lifecycle. It can be the difference in a business venture finishing on schedule or becoming a failure because of delays.

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