Communicate Review Outcome for Online Project Management

Communicate Review Outcome

Once the review is complete and any issues resolved, the outcome of the review is communicated to key online project management stakeholders.

Procurement Roles
The following roles and responsibilities are involved with Project Management Templates procurement.

Procurement Manager
The Procurement Manager is responsible for ensuring that the entire procurement process is undertaken effectively by:

- Identifying products to be sourced from external suppliers
- Documenting each Purchase Order and forwarding it to the Online Project Management Manager for approval
- Issuing the Purchase Order to the supplier and communicating the delivery timeframes
- Receiving and reviewing the product upon arrival at the designated project location
- Accepting the product and requesting the approval of supplier payment
- Reviewing the supplier performance and identifying any contractual issues for action
- Identifying and resolving product delivery issues with the Project Plan.

Project Manager
The Project Manager oversees the procurement process by:

- Approving each Purchase Order as presented by the Procurement Manager
- Approving each payment as requested by the Procurement Manager
- Assisting the Procurement Manager with the resolution of supplier issues.