Build a Communications Schedule using Project Management Software


It is now time to describe each communication event including its purpose, method and frequency by completing the following project management software schedule:

ID Event Description Purpose Method Frequency Date(s)
1.1 Project team meetings Meeting involving all team members to discuss the work in progress / recently completed / coming up To keep the team informed of the project status and ensure that issues, risks or changes are raised accordingly Verbal Weekly xx/yy/zz
1.2 Quality review meetings Regular meetings involving the Quality Manager and quality review staff to ascertain the level of quality of all project deliverables To ensure that quality issues are identified early, thereby providing time to enhance the quality of each deliverable and meet the quality criteria Verbal Monthly xx/yy/zz
1.3 Stage-Gate Review Meetings Formal meetings held at the end of each phase to identify the overall status of the project, the quality of the deliverables produced and any outstanding risks, issues or changes To control the progress of the project through each phase in the project Lifecycle, thereby enhancing its likelihood of success Verbal Weekly xx/yy/zz
1.4 Change Approval Group meetings Formal meetings held regularly to review change requests To provide a formal process for the approval of project changes Verbal Fortnightly xx/yy/zz
1.5 Customer Acceptance Meetings Held with the customer to obtain final acceptance of a set of completed project deliverables To provide a controlled process for the acceptance of deliverables and ensure that customer requirements are met Verbal Following deliverable’s completion xx/yy/zz
1.6 Supplier Performance Meetings Regular meetings with each supplier to discuss performance issues and product delivery status To provide a forum within which to assess supplier performance and resolve supplier issues Verbal Monthly xx/yy/zz
1.7 Status reports Reports providing the status of the schedule, budget, risks and issues To keep all key project stakeholders informed of the status of the project Status Report Weekly xx/yy/zz

Project Planning: Communications Schedule


Complete the following table helping you to identify the people participating in each communication event and their roles. Use the Unique Identifier (ID) to link events listed in the prior table to the participating parties listed below.

ID Project Sponsor Project Manager Project Leader Project Member Quality Manager Procurement Manager Communications Manager Profit Office Manager Other Project Resource Other External Body
1.1 - A R R R R R,M R R R(Supplier)
1.2 - R R - A - M R - R (Supplier)
1.3 A R - - - - M - - -
1.4 A R - - - - M - - -
1.5 R A R - R - M - - R(Supplier)
1.6 - R - - - A M - - -
1.7 R A R - R R M R - -

Project Plan: Communications Matrix


Key: A = Accountable for the communications event, develops and distributes materials and facilitates meetings. Marked in yellow R = Receives communications materials provided, takes part in meetings. Marked in whiteM = Monitors communications process and provides feedback. Marked in orange