Project Dashboard is for Relaying Information in an Instance

The development of a project dashboard has vastly improved in recent years. This is a simple, one screen display, which organizes all of the pertinent information about an ongoing business venture and makes it readily available for the project manager at a time and place of their choosing.

The project dashboard is the end collecting point for the internal communication network a project manager can set up for their ongoing business venture. Through a set of links created in the planning phase of the project’s life cycle, information can be instantly relayed from the online timesheets being submitted by the project team members. These timesheets will include the tasks they are working on along with the resources they have used up in the completion of their tasks.

The manner in which the project dashboard can be set up is dependent on the needs of each project manager and what they feel is the most important information.  This ability to change the way this program is set up is one of the most liked features by those that use it. Not only does the project manager get to choose the information that is displayed, but also how it is displayed. The information can be displayed in graphs, charts or even statistical data lists. The use of color is also an option that is open to the project manager. This makes it easier to highlight a specific region of information that could be a signal there is a problem in the project’s execution phase.

The project dashboard is mostly an automated program. The only manual input is the information the project team members will be submitting. This can be done on intervals that the project manager requests. This can be hourly, daily or weekly, whatever fits the needs of the business venture.

The project dashboard is one of the many project management tools now available to assist the project manager in planning and organizing their business venture. This way they can make the most efficient use of their time so the highest profit potential of the project can be realized.