Appoint the Project Management Tools Team

By now, you will be ready to appoint the project team. Having completed the Terms of Reference, you will have a clear understanding of the types of project roles available, Project Management Tools and number of people required to fill those roles. The first step towards appointing the project team is the recruitment of the project managera, because they along with the Human Resources Manager are responsible fulfilling the majority of roles within a project. Examples of roles recruited by the project manager include: Quality Manager, Procurement Manager, Communications Manager and Project Office Manager as well as other individual project team member roles.

To ensure that you find the right manager for your needs, you will want to create a comprehensive Project Job Description for this role. To help with this, we have explained how to create a project ,managers Job Description within this section. This Job Description will help you to define the managers role, responsibilities, skills, experience and qualifications necessary to deliver a successful project. You may use this Job Description format to create Job Descriptions for other roles within your project and Project Management Tools.