Skills necessary to become a Good Project Manager

Many have tried but few have succeeded to become good project managers. A good project manager has to be an effective leader and being one does not come naturally. To lead means to be able to influence change to your people. It is the ability to make a lasting impression to your team members and one that will promote growth and development in them as a person.

Before we discuss the skills necessary to become a good project manager, let’s try to identify first what a project manager’s role is. Basically a project manager initiates and plans the project. He collaborates with the project sponsors and team members into a unified direction of achieving goals, meeting targets, task management, and fulfilling set expectations within a time frame. The project manager also drives and motivates the team to contribute to the project’s success.

The skills necessary for a project manager varies and can be subdivided into 3 categories which is interpersonal, technical and management.

Included in the interpersonal skills a project manager must possess is the ability to motivate and sustain the team. The team members consult the project manager in handling challenges and solving problems encountered in every phase of the project and it is essential for the project manager to be positive and remain optimistic to give hope and encouragement to the team to do their best. The members also look up to the project manager that is why leading by example is very important when you are a project manager to effectively lead your team into doing what you want them to do. As a project manager you must know how to set expectations because this will promote a win-win situation most of the time since an individual will have a clear knowledge of what to expect from any endeavor, task or assignment he partakes in. Be direct in providing requirements and milestones for the project. This will promote a sense of urgency to your team to stick to the schedule and provide their best work.

Technical Skills is an integral part of the skills a project manager must have because adequate knowledge on the project will be an advantage in managing and operating the processes involve in making the project a success.

Last but not the least, management skills are significant in handling the team to work in your project. The deliverables for your project are made in high quality and submitted on time if the project manager knows how to effectively manage his team. The utilization of tools necessary for project management such as project management software, risk management software and Gantt charts will also reflect on how good the project manager handles the team. Time management will be a useful tool for the project manager to effectively maximize his time in attending to problems and concerns. Decision making and problem solving is also necessary to gear the project to move forward.

If the team works well together, the project sponsors satisfied with constant reporting of the project’s progress and the project’s overall result is looking good then one can say that behind this project is an excellent project manager.